/ Luoman — product development

Better gardens from a real customer point-of –view

Every garden log cabin manufactured by Luoman has been inspired by a specified customer need. It is extremely important for us that our customers can rest assure, that Lillevilla log cabins is the best option especially for her needs.

Our agile product development process ensures, that the path from an idea to a new, ready to be sold product innovation, takes at the most just a few months.

/ Luoman — certified raw material

From the best raw material in the world

The durability and highest possible quality of our products are the most important things that steer our production. That is why every Lillevilla log cabin is manufactured using only the best, Nordic raw material. By drying the timber to 18%, we optimize it to tolerate all kind of weather conditions. We use only PEFC-certified timber, which guarantees that we know precisely the origin of the used raw material.


/ Luoman — Certified production


We pay extra attention, that every process lives up to the standards, from a responsibility, environmental, and quality point of view. We are committed in all our actions to develop and monitor our quality and environmental awareness. This is backed up by our ISO 9001- and 14001 certificates. The CE-certificate stands for the high quality of our products.