Our floating docks are quality work

Floating docks Rentukka, Ulpukka, Lumme and Viklo are parts of Luoman product family. These products are made in Ylistaro, Finland.

Floating docks are made of hot-dip galvanized steel elements which are possible to assemble to different lengths and sizes. The length of a floating dock or the size of its sitting area can be increased later by adding some extra elements. All of our floating docks have pontoons, which is why they are always at the right height despite the water level.

Ask for more information by calling to Mika Anttilalle +358 50 538 6613 or by email to mika.anttila (a) luoman.fi or Lasse Vanninen +358 400 792 282, lasse.vanninen (a) luoman.fi.